Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hickory Homes Blogger....M.I.A.

2 Months and no posts....Whoa! Sorry about that!  I think you will understand when you hear what's been going on around here lately.

We completed 2 Units in Welbanks Meadows subdivision. One closed April 23 and the other closed April 30th.....below is a sneak peek of those finished homes (website updates are in the works!).

We also completed our custom home in Waupoos...here is a preview of that home...we love the kitchen that William Design did for us there. As you can see the homeowners definitely did some upgrades in the kitchen!

We also sold our own personal house last week, which you can see in our gallery on the website....we are really excited to bring you updates on how that project is progressing. Also, because it is our own home we can give you some insight on the planning and building stages from a homeowners perspective.

We will be putting some holes in the ground for new custom builds in the next couple weeks and we will try and keep on top of the updates here ;)

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