Wednesday, 9 December 2015


We as a company are trying hard to distinguish our self from all the other building companies out there in the market...after getting feedback from our clients, we came to the conclusion that the best way to do that is to improve communication and collaboration.  Undoubtedly, you saw in our post a couple months ago that we started with a new software program that has been a HUGE success....our Guinea pig clients are loving it!
Another way we have been trying to improve is to get ourselves (and our work) out there! As a result you might start to see Hickory Homes pop up on a number of social media platforms.  We are on INSTAGRAM as @hickoryhomes (so go look for and follow us there!).

We are also partnering up with HOUZZ in the new year and will be "popping" up on the site...we have had a Houzz account for many years and you can find us there under Hickory Homes Ltd.  Houzz is a great tool we use with clients to communicate ideas and get different and unique style ideas for our custom homes.  If you haven't been on Houzz before, you should definitely get over there right away!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Fun Things!

Earlier this fall we were approached by the show Income Property (who are shooting some episodes in PEC) to do some work at one of their sites.  This isn't something that we would typically take on but it piqued our interest, and we are always open to new experiences and we said "why not"!
So, for the last 3 weeks have been working with the host, homeowners, producers and designers to help renovate an "Income Property" for the show.  It has been quite and experience so far!
Excited to see it air in the new season!
Obviously we don't want to spoil anything so we will not be posting any details until after it airs....but here is a little teaser shot for you!

Kyle with the homeowners (Kate and John) and Income Property host Scott McGillivray

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Welbanks Subdivision - Late Fall Update

After a bit of a delay we got our client into her home in Welbanks Meadows! We love how all the finishes turned out.  Especially her fireplaces!

The units across the road from her are moving along as scheduled and we are working with their respective owners to create interiors that are suited to their style and taste!
Here is a little preview of some of those interior selections...

 Lot 61 - Kitchen Finishes

Lot 63 - Finish Details