Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sneak Peek and New Wellington Project

We did our PDI (pre-delivery inspection) and walk through of the home we finished last week.  A few straggling details to finish up but we are pretty happy with the outcome of this home!  Here are a few detail shots just for you ;)

A project that we are very excited to be started just outside of wellington.  Also.....we are going to start giving homes names instead of Wellington Home or Cressy House....because frankly, those are boring.
So we are going to start by calling this one "Wine Country Waterfront" (or #winecountrywaterfront on social!)

This is the site as of this morning:

As you can see its another slab-on-grade home, lots of steel (all the heart eyes) and large windows facing the lake.  Here are a couple preliminary design concepts: