Saturday, 23 July 2016

Welbanks Semi Update

We are ecstatic,  and also sorry,  to inform you that all of our semi-detached homes in the Welbanks subdivision are now sold.  We are currently finishing the last unit for a great local couple and their daughter.  I think they are really going to enjoy the Welbanks community.

Here are a couple pictures of Lot 61 and 63, the last 2 units we completed (because I have really been slacking with finish pictures...sorry about that!)

Lot 61:

Lot 63:

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hello Strangers!

It has been far too long since our last post (thanks to John for pointing that out)!  We will try to be less tardy in the future!

We've got lots to show you since our last post...hopefully we will have photos updated on the website soon...but, for us, our current clients come first ... social media is a close second though.  Check out Instagram (@kleurdesign and @hickoryhomes) for snippets of current work.

The Modern Barn (or "that big red barn house" to locals!):
 It is the talk of Wellington, people love it or hate it...I love it, those red architectural panels are fantastic (and so is the lovely lady who lives there).
Here are some pictures of the custom interior details in the space.... this was a FUN house to design, source and build.  I just love it when clients are up for anything! We hope Karin enjoys living in it as much as we enjoyed building it.

Morgan Road:
We started a new home on Morgan road in June. This isn't one of our typical design/build projects, but we are enjoying it none the less!  These clients came to us with plans and finishes and we are just bringing their plans to life. At this point we are taking it to the interior finishes stage and the homeowners are finishing themselves.  
Stay tuned