Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fall Updates

Its been great working weather here in Prince Edward County and our crews are getting lots done.
We are moving quite along with several projects!

If you have driven through Wellington the last few weeks you will see lots of action on the east end! The new Gas station/Tim Hortons is getting really close to completion and right across the road is our "Modern Barn" house, all framed up and ready to start looking like a Barn!
We are a little jealous of the view from the top deck!

Welbanks Meadows:
The unit we started in July is in the finishing stages and should be complete in the next couple weeks.  The push was on for this unit and our guys really came through with finishing! We are lucky to have a great crew who can come through in a pinch.

Wayne was the only one willing to be on camera!

The other side of this semi-detached unit is still available! Give us a call or email us for more information.

We also started the 2 units across the road (both are already sold!).  We have been working with these clients on interior finishes. Luckily, we are well on our way and should have no delays with these homes! These are our final 2 semi-detached units in the subdivision.
Morrison Point:
Our job in Morrison Point is also moving along nicely, we are all drywalled and ready for finishing.  The clients have opted to paint themselves, so we have stepped out for a week to allow them to complete that!
Our House:
We are moving in really shortly! Here are a few teasers....please excuse the excessive use of herringbone...I may have gone a touch overboard!