Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Technology, New Frontiers!

Check this out!

It's a screen shot of my IPhone.....Do you see it??? At the middle left hand side of the screen... Its a Hickory Homes App!!! WHAT???

We are so excited to be trying out a new online builder software that will allow us to have a better grasp on all our jobsites, schedules and better avenue to communicate with clients (especially out of town clients).

If it all works out as planned,  our clients will be given a login and password which will give them access to their own personal jobsite website! AND (if they choose) will be able to download the Hickory Homes app to their smartphone!! SO COOL!

We are on a trial basis with 2 of our clients...hopefully up and running with ALL future clients mid-autumn!

Also....HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!! Get over there now! (OOPS its not quite up yes as of Tuesday at 4:43! Hopefully tomorrow...you know what, just keep checking it until its up!)

I think you can tell by all the caps that we are EXCITED.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

August Updates

Finally a little progress in Wellington! We have a hole and we have selected exterior finishes....we have begun on all the interior details and I am SUPER excited to show you what we have come up with....but not yet (awww so mean!)

Our Morrison Point project is well under way and we have been working with the clients to hammer out all the interior details and finishes.

The Semi-Detached units in Picton have been very delayed ....not too happy about that, but some things are beyond our control.  We have walls and a roof....just waiting on trades to finish their part so we can get in there and get caught up!