Tuesday, 26 May 2015

May Madness

We hare busy finishing up all the outside items that didn't get completed for our winter builds and moving on to some new projects that will begin in the next few weeks.

Earlier this month we started our own house and we are getting pretty excited about it! Its fun to be our own clients....I never have to persuade/convince myself to do something a little different! And because it is our own house we can go into detail about the design and build process.

The process of designing the layout of this house began not only with assessing our own needs for the house but also assessing the resale potential for any layout...we are in the habit of building and selling our own homes as well as homes for our clients!
This house is a 2300 square foot family home on 2 levels, but we have designed it so that potential future buyers could have one story living....master and laundry hook up are all on the first floor.  We decided to go with angled ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms and a loft stair area to give it that "old house" character.  The exterior is a farmhouse style with a big front veranda (VERY excited about the front porch!!).

Here is was last week

Front Elevation

Dining Room

Living Room


Main Floor Hallway

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