Friday, 19 December 2014

Welbank Meadows - Kitchen Options

We are working with the future owners of one of our Villa's to finalize their kitchen layout and design.

We pride ourselves in offering clients a building experience with options, because we know homeowners don't want to walk into their neighbours house and see the same finishes as their own! We also don't like building the same house over and over again....its boring for us too!

So even though these Villa's are a "production" build we want our clients to have a home that is uniquely theirs.

For these clients, they started with the same footprint as our model unit but we reconfigured the interior space to reflect a design that they were comfortable with.  The only thing they couldn't picture from the plans was how the kitchen was going to work for them....luckily we have an interior designer here (that's me!) who could put their mind at easy by showing them all their options!  Here were their options:

You'll have to wait for the final pictures to find out which layout they chose!
Which one would you choose?

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