Thursday, 9 March 2017

March Updates

Spring is in our sights here in Prince Edward County! Our current projects in Carrying Place and Prinyers' Cove are well underway, we were lucky this year to have a pretty mild winter (knock on wood!!).
Nothing to exciting (picture wise) to update on those projects... except that our clients in Carrying Place have opted for a design with some pretty spectacular glulam beam details...check them out: anyone else as excited as I am to see those beams with the finished ceilings!!??

If you follow us on Instagram you will have already seen the video of this demo a few weeks ago....

Out with the old.....

Soon to be a stunning new beachfront home...stay tuned!!

We also have a commercial project on the go in the Wellington area, a new landscape/veggie stand/organic seed company or something....I'm sure I've got that all wrong....I'll be correcting myself later!  There has been a bit of progress since this photo was taken, but here is the footprint:

We've got a few more projects starting in the next few weeks, so check us out next month!

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  1. That Carrying Place and Prinyers' Cove project appears to be coming along nicely. The job appears to be a big one, but I think as you get things moving along and everyone gets up to speed on the learning curve, it will be done before you know it. I hope that you can post pics once the whole project is completed.

    Carlton @ Coastal Modular Group