Tuesday, 11 August 2015

July Update....a little late!

Well the rain went away here in PEC and we are into our busiest time of year! We have 6 projects on the go, here is a little update on a few of those and one very cool recently completed project.

We just completed a commercial project for Henderson Williams LLP and it is stunning (if we do say so ourselves).  They decided (after a little convincing) to stick with the exposed concrete, brick and duct work ....and just look at the final product:

We are moving right along at our Morrison Point project, this week we are getting windows and roofing....these pictures were taken last week. Next week's pictures will be dramatically different.

We have another hole in the ground in Welbanks Subdivision here in Picton.  We have been busy selling the few semi-detached units that we have left on this street!  Only 1 unit is still available, and it is the west side of this unit!  We are just finishing up the design/permit stage on the final 2 units, which should break ground later this summer.  These pictures were taken last week, we have walls now!!

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